My name is Claudia, 26 yo. I’m currently attending the MSc in Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). I graduated in Psychology at the University of Padua in 2021. As a fun fact, I’m writing this report on the flight from Pisa (ITA), my hometown, to Esbjerg (DK), where I live.

I would like to address this report directly to the future students willing to do this experience, since reading the past students’ reports really helped me a lot before, during and after this experience.

I took part of Progetto BEA for three months in 2022, as choice for my academic internship. I arrived in Petrolina (PE) two weeks before the coordinator and almost a month before the team. Even if it looked like the end of the world, and in some moments I believed it was, the situation gave me several insights about myself and the new condition I was about to experience.

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